2017 Alabama State Hunt & Show

The Shorty Dawkins Coon Club in Millport, Alabama held the Alabama State Hunt on February 25th.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a new club to the ACHA but they are doing an outstanding job. They hunted 18 dogs in the nite hunt, with a final 3 of Late Night Hero’s Champ owned by Cory Crosby of Toxey, Alabama; Jordan’s Wipeout Daisey owned by Brandon Jordan of Vernon, Alabama and Gosa’s Beaver Creek Bob owned by Kenny Gosa of Guin, Alabama. Cory and Champ prevailed in the final cast and were named Alabama State Champion . Brandon and Daisey finished in second place with Kenny and Bob in 3rd place. Watson Creek Houdini 2 won the Field Trial title by winning both the line and the tree. Brandon Sanford’s Frate Train won the treeing contest with an impressive 126 barks per minute!  Meeks & Brocks Ga. Amber was named Alabama State Show Champion. Amber is owned by Jake and Gena Garner of Griffin, Georgia.  Alabama State Reserve Show Champion is Deep South Tailgates N Tanlines owned by Madison Fancher of Brierfield, Alabama.

Watson Creek Houdini 2 with Brett Benefield

Nite Hunt Champion Late Night Hero's Champ with Cory Crosby

Meeks & Brocks Ga. Amber, Alabama State Show Champion Owned by Jake and Gena Garner.

Brandon Sanford and Frate Train. Alabama State Treeing Contest winner.

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