2017 World Hunt & Show Writeup

70th Annual ACHA World Hunt & Show

The American Coon Hunters Association held our 70th Annual World Hunt and Bench Show Championship during March 9-11, 2017 along the banks of Lake Carl Blackwell at Camp Redlands, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

On Thursday night, we hunted a single two hour round. We sent out 7 casts and all 7 casts came back with a plus point cast winner. We believe that by hunting a two hour round that the better hound will come out on top. Cast winners were:

  • Trackman’s Stylish Rex, 6 year old TW male: Robert Rulo, owner. Rocky Seals – handler: 475+.
  • Cabo’s Buddy, TW Male: Chase McCaskill & Joe Don Stewart, Owners: Shawn Shanks, handler: 475+.
  • Mulford’s Stylish Jodie, 8 year old TW female: Roy Mulford, owner and handler: 175+
  • Tim Tebone, 6 year old TW male: Tanner Trillo, owner and handler: 300+
  • Tax Write-Off, TW male, Chace McCaskill and Larry Pulis, owners: Chace McCaskill handler. 225+
  • Rocky Hill Cold Hard “B”, English female: Owned by Chace McCaskill and Joe Don Stewart: Handled by Joe Don Stewart: 75+
  • Go With The Flow, 2 year old English female: owned by Sutmiller and Gilmer: handled by Keith Sutmiller: 350+

On Friday night, we again hunted a two hour round. Only two casts returned to the clubhouse with plus points cast wins

  • Backwater Rainy, 2 year old TW female owned and handled by Tim Pinney: 450+
  • Wipeout 3 Dee, TW female owned by Johnny Moreland and Ryan Crowson: Handled by Ryan Crowson: 150+

This set the stage for Saturday night’s 90 minute semifinal round, where we sent out three casts.

  • Cast 1:
    • Tim Tebone and Tanner Trillo
    • Backwater Rainy and Tim Pinney
    • Rocky Hill Cold Hard “B” and Joe Don Stewart
  • Cast 2:
    • Go With The Flo and Keith Sutmiller
    • Cabo’s Buddy and Shawn Shanks
    • Wipeout 3 Dee and Ryan Crowson
  • Cast 3:
    • Trackman’s Stylish Rex and Rocky Seals
    • Stylish Jodie and Roy Mulford
    • Tax Write-off and Chace McCaskill

As luck would have it, only one dog would return to the clubhouse with plus points after the semifinal round. Chace McCaskill and Tax Write-Off scored 225+ points. Because no other hound won their cast with plus points, Chace and Tax were named the 2017 ACHA World Champion and winners of $10,000.00

The final Top 8 hounds were:

  1. Tax Write-Off.
  2. Cabo's Buddy
  3. Trackman's Stylish Rex.
  4. Backwater Rainy
  5. Go With The Flo
  6. Tim Tebone
  7. Mulford's Stylish Jodie
  8. Wipeout 3 Dee

Early Saturday morning we held our World Championship Treeing Contest. Roy Mulford’s Annie won the contest with an impressive 117 barks per minute. Tracey Stingley’s Penny finished 2nd with 103 bpm.

After the treeing contest, we held our World Championship Bench Show. We at the ACHA name a Hunting Dog and a Show Dog World Champion. Here are the results:

  • World Champion Hunting Dog – Snoddy’s Spring Creek Sonny Boy – O/H Travis Benton
  • World Reserve Champion Hunting Dog – Mulford’s Stylish Jodie – OH Roy Mulford
  • World Champion Show Dog – Mud Slinging Michelle – Owned by Kali and Sam Dooley. Kali Dooley, handler.
  • World Reserve Champion Show Dog – Lockdown Bushwacker – Owned by Frank and Sam Dooley: Frank Dooley handler.
  • Dual Grand Champion – Finley River Ruger – handled by Roger Prater: Owned by Nathanial Prater and Bobby Gathright
  • Dual Champion – Southern Soggy Bottom Buddy – Handled by Gena Garner: Owned by Jake and Gena Garner
  • Youth 17 – 13 years old – Beebe’s Dollar Bill – Owned by David Beebe: Handled by Mercedes Beebe.
  • Youth 12 & Under – Mud Slinging Michelle – Owned by Frank, Sam and Kali Dooley. Kali Dooley, handler.

Kay Haley hunting Hooch’s Diamond won the Ladies Cast while Oscar Webb and Logan’s Rough Creek Lizzie won our Senior’s Cast.

Thank you to Jeremy Silvers for all of your help in putting on the event. Jeremy was there every hour that I was and we never wanted for a single thing. Jeremy had plenty of guides and places to hunt.

A special thank you to Leon and Ruby Sparks for all of their hard work in keeping the kitchen open for all of the hunters. Folks, you have never eaten as good of food as we did. They served fried catfish that Leon caught and cleaned himself, BBQ, eggs, homemade biscuits, gravy and homemade pies just to mention a few items. Mr. Leon once trained and hunted some of the outstanding Black & Tans that Ed Abel used to put in the woods. I sure enjoyed talking to Mr. Leon. Thank you to Ms. Gena Garner for her help with the registration process.

It is always nice to see old friends and make new ones. I enjoyed finally meeting Travis (Chickeman) Benton from Higginsville, Missouri;  Joe Crist from Hutchinson, Kansas; I got a chance to talk and catch up with Chace McCaskill and Joe Don Stewart.

Again, thank you for your support of the American Coon Hunters Association.

Happy Hunting,

Bobby Gathright

Secretary / CFO

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