ACHA Disciplinary List

Below is a list of currently disciplined owners and their reinstatement date.

ACHA makes every attempt to maintain an accurate and up to date "Disciplinary List", and the list is updated regularly. However, as there may be lag time between disciplinary action and adding an individual to the list, and also because mistakes and omissions can and do happen, ACHA will not guarantee the accuracy of this list. If an individual is in question, customers should call ACHA directly to obtain the most up to date information regarding that individual's disciplinary status. ACHA can only confirm or deny a person's disciplinary status and cannot provide details on that person's case.

Callahan, KrissSenoia, GABarredUnsportsmanlike conductIndefinitely
Clay, Albert Luttrell, TNBarred"Per board of directors vote 2015"Indefinitely
Crabtree, ArthurNewport, TNBarredFalsifying Hunt Reports December 31, 2016
Howard, ChadPickens, SCBarredNegligence in not showing up to more then 2 events as agreed Indefinitely
Maddox, VanJack, ALProbationPer Board Probation for 3 Yrs September 4, 2018
Oswald, Shaun Troy, ALBarredFightingIndefinitely
Oswald, Michael RayTroy, ALBarredFightingIndefinitely
Rhodes, MichaelBroughton, ILBarredTried to Push Director off a bridge Indefinitely
Rhodes, Joseph E.Norris City, ILBarredTried to Push Director off a bridge Indefinitely
Whitaker, ZachBerry, KYBarredIndefinitely
Winn, JerryLuttrell, TNBarredIndefinitely
Seets, MyraStonefort, Il. BarredWriting bad checksIndefinitely
Shepherd, DeannKodak, Tn. BarredWriting bad checksIndefinitely
Hill, ShawnEnterprise, Ms.Barred Unsportsmanlike Conduct3 years + 3 years probation



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