Club Benefits

Attention Coon Clubs and Club Officers

Fewer entries at your hunts? Are you watching most of the money from your hunt going to the registries, master of hounds, purses and trophies? Are you finding it tougher than ever to raise money for your coon club …. Are you looking for a more laid back type of Nite Hunt where the focus is on sportsmanship and seeing who has the best coon dog? If any of this sounds familiar maybe we can help! ACHA-WCCHR Nite Hunt competitions are growing by leaps and bounds and we believe it is because we live by our creed of “fair to all and partial to none” and by putting the clubs that participate in ACHA-WCCHR events first! We offer a hunt program that allows MOST of the money brought in from your club’s hunts, to remain with the coon club and still provide a PURSE for the hunters, if you choose! We also believe that the decisions of having purse hunts or trophy hunts, as well as the decision to hunt a 1 hour cast, 90 minute cast, 2 hour cast or 3 hour cast either during the week or on the weekend should be made by you the clubs.

Here’s how it willwork:
• Coon clubs pay $25.00 only once a year for an ACHA-WCCHR Annual Membership = this membership entitles a coon club to hold 4 hunts and 4 shows per month and free advertising of those events on our website and in the American Cooner Magazine. Compare that to other hunt registries who charge per hunt!

• Hunt dates can be added throughout the year and your club picks the dates.(Dates must be given by the 1 of the month previous to the month of the hunt.)
•  Registered dogs only = 5 “CW’s” to make NT. CH. – 5 more “CW’s” to make GR. NT. CH – 5 more CW’s to make SUPERIOR GR NT CH

Dual Grand Champions get Custom Embroidered Jacket free! That is a Dual Grand Nite Champion Dual Grand

Show Champion combined title only.
•  ACHA works hard with clubs to have qualified Master of Hounds and Bench Show Judge in the area of the club holding events.
• Great idea to hold these hunts after your coon club meetings. Let purse build up for year end
• Club has complete control of entry fees. The option to pay a purse or not and amount is at the club’s
discretion, ACHA just requires $3.00 per dog to be sent with Hunt Report
• Week night hunts and Friday & Saturday night hunts, clubs have a choice of 1 hour, 1 1⁄2 hour, 2 hour or 3 hour hunts.
• Hunters can win the most casts in their state to qualify for a free Custom Embroidered Jacket awarded to the State Race Winners that have at least 5 cast wins.

“ACHA-WCCHR Hunt & Show” (this is only a suggested format, club can use any format and entry fee


$10.00 Hunt

$4.00 to club – $3.00 to purse – $3.00 to ACHA

# DogsCoon ClubPurseACHA

 $20.00 Hunt

$10.00 to club – $7.00 to purse – $3.00 to ACHA


Purse goes to high scoring “cast winner”. (1 winner )