State Championship Races & Hunts


State Races

State race winners will be determined by the dog with the most cast wins by December 31st of the current race year in the state the dog is registered.

A dog must have a minimum of 5 cast wins to eligible for awards.

Dogs whose registration state changes within the year must win one more cast win than previous state in order to have wins transferred to new state.

Owner of state race winner for each state will win an ACHA custom embroidered jacket, a free entry in the next years ACHA World Championship and coverage in the American Cooner Magazine.

State Championships

The state championship hunts will be held between the months of February and April. Clubs interested in holding an ACHA state championship event should contact the ACHA office by December of the current year to hold the hunt in the spring of the next year.

See “2017 ACHA Hunt & Show Results” for current standings.