Treeing Contest Rules

Official Treeing Contest Rules of the American Coon Hunters & Big Game Association (ACH&BGA)
  1. The Tree:
    a) The tree should be at least 10 feet tall.
    b) The “tree” can be any type of tree or pole.
    c) A 15-foot radius circle (30-foot diameter) must be marked around the tree in paint, chalk, rope or water hose.
  2. The Drag:
    a) The drag, hide or live coon should be in a cage and pulley system on a pole so that it can be let down for dogs to smell it.
    b) The cage floor or bottom of the hide should be at least ten (10) feet off the ground and no more than twenty (20) feet above the ground.
  3. The Judges:
    a) There should be four club members as judges
    b) Judges may not have dogs entered in the contest.
    c) Three judges will be responsible for counting barks.
    d) One judge is responsible for keeping time.
  4. Dogs:
    a) All dogs must be ACH&BGA registered in order to compete. 
    b) All dogs compete against each other regardless of how many wins they have, their ages or their gender.
    c) Dogs will be brought in one at a time while the other dogs are kept at a respectable distance so that judges can hear the dog treeing.
  5. Procedure:
    a) Each dog will be allowed to smell the coon or drag in the cage and then pulled back out of the circle.
    b) The time keeper will ask the handler if he is ready and when he says “yes” the time keeper will tap the handler on the shoulder.
    c) Time will start when the dog has all four feet in the circle and barks are counted from that point.
    d) The three judges will all count the barks.
    e) At the end of 1 minute, the time keeper will holler “time.” At this time the handler will retrieve his dog. Each dog must keep all four feet inside the circle during the one minute round. If the dog steps one foot outside the circle, his time and round is over. His barks will be totaled at that time. 
    f) The three judges will compare barks and the average of the three numbers will be the score. (For example: Judge 1 counts 99 barks; Judge 2 has 96 barks and Judge 3 recorded 98 barks. The average is 97 barks. This is the dog’s score).
    g) Any ties will be broken with a 60 second round using the same format.
  6. Fees:
    Entry fees will be set by the sponsoring club, with $5.00 per dog going to the ACH&BGA along with the required paperwork.
  7. Win Slip:
    A copy of the win slip will be given to the owner/handler of the winning dog.
  8. Available Titles:
    Dogs must win:
    • Five (5) ACH&BGA treeing contest wins to be an ACH&BGA Tree Champion.
    • Five (5) more wins to achieve ACH&BGA Grand Tree Champion title.
    • Five (5) more wins to achieve ACH&BGA Superior Grand Tree Champion.
  9. Prohibitions:
    No non-prescribed drugs, alcohol or firearms are allowed at any ACHA event.
  10. Rights of ACH&BGA:
    a) ACH&BGA has the right to refuse entry or membership.
    b) ACH&BGA is not responsible for any accidents, thefts or loss.
    c) ACH&BGA retains the right to make final decisions.