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The New ACHA World Champion Coon Hound is Hannas Creek Feelin' Frisky, a Treeing Walker Female owned by Bryan Whitted and handled by Rick Stretch. She also won the High Scoring Treeing Walker Trophy given by the American Treeing Walker Association. A Dan's Hunting Jacket, A Dog Box from Houndsmen Deluxe, A small copy of the Merchants - Monroe ACHA World Championship Cup, A Special World Champion Leash from Lucky Shot & Co. There is also listed in another section some of our other sponsors who gave many items to give as awards. To all of our sponsors THANK YOU very much.

AMERICAN SUPER PUPPY HUNT Coming 2017: Starting May 1st, 2015 pups born from this point forward will be eligible for the 2017 AMERICAN SUPER PUPPY HUNT. If you are a paid member Register your litter or litters FREE. Sire and Dam doesn't have to be ACHA Registered just provide a copy of their Pedigree. The breeder can nominate the litter for $25 . Once these pups are sold and are permanent registered and nominated the fee is $25 up to six months of age. If the Breeder doesn't nominate the litter they can be nominated at the time they are permanently registered for $30 up to six months old. From six months to one year fee $50 if they were litter nominated. If they were not litter nominated the Fee is $75. From one year to one & a half year old fee $100 and if they were not litter nominated fee $125. From one & a half year old till 23 months old if they were litter nominated fee $150 and if they weren't litter nominated the fee is $200. Nominating Fee's will be used for Added purse and Entries will determine the pay out. This Hunt will be held April of 2017 Taking bids for 2017 American Super Puppy Hunt. Any club interested in hosting this hunt should contact the ACHA office.

TAKING PRE-ENTRIES FOR 2015 ACHA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HUNT. PRE-ENTRY $200.00 AND MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 15th, 2015. Send in to office at P.O. Box 566 Prosperity, SC 29127

Thanks to our sponsors that have supported ACHA and the World Hunt! American Cooner * Collar Clinic * Diamond Dog Food * GT's Hunting Supply * Houndsmen Deluxe * Laser Torch * Lucky Shot & Co. * Never Gone * Nite Rider Hollow * Purina * Stone Creek * Sunspot Lights * Conkey's Hounds and Hunting Supply * Dan's Hunting Gear *

ACHA Winners
68th Annual ACHA World Championship!!! $20,000.00 Guaranteed!!! October 8th - 9th - 10th, 2015.
AMERICAN COON HUNTERS ASSOCIATION INC. 2014 WORLD HUNT WINNERS 1ST Place Hannas Creek Feelin Frisky Owned by BRYAN WHITTED, handled by RICK STRETCH Treeing Walker Female 2nd Place Team Troubles Bad Trip Owned by JEREMIAH MELIN OR TROY COBLE Black & Tan Male 3rd Place Deeper South Molly Owned by JASON COOPER AND KYLE COOPER Treeing Walker Female 4th Place M & S Stylish Kate Owned by JIM SIZEMORE AND ADRIAN MARTIN Treeing Walker Female 5th Place Handsome Tucker Owned by TREVOR TALLMAN Treeing Walker Male 6th Place Bears Skuna River Queen Owned by JEREMIAH MELIN OR TROY COBLE Treeing Walker Female 7th Place Cabo Of Mayhem Owned by GREG DUNLAP and handled by JEFF RICKLEFS Treeing Walker Male 8th Place Ky Moon Light Woody Owned by DOUG MOORE Redbone Male 9th Place Sunrise Sam Owned by BILLY LEDBETTER OR BRIAN TURNER OR BOBBY GATHRIGHT Treeing Walker Male 10th Place Stylish Midnight Image Owned by JEREMY JONES OR MIKE NELSON Treeing Walker Female 11th Place Hardwood Truth Owned by JASON COOPER AND KYLE COOPER Treeing Walker Female 12th Place Houses Mr. Clean Owned by BRYAN WHITTED Treeing Walker Male 13th Place Caney Fork Belle Owned by GARY PEDIGO Treeing Walker Female 14th Place Mojos Out Of The Dark Side Owned by Scott Engle Treeing Walker Female 15th Place Hannahs Hippie Owned by DALLAS HANNAH Treeing Walker Female 16th Place GS Taylor Made Million $ Sugar Baby Owned by LESA WATSON TAYLOR English Female 17th Place Red River Cindy Owned by JIM HASS OR MIKE NELSON Treeing Walker Female 18th Place Buck Creek Zip Owned by JOSHUA BALANOWSKI OR BILLY BOWLING Treeing Walker Male 19th Place Js Stylish Charm Owned by JEREMY JONES AND JUSTIN JONES Treeing Walker Female 20th Place Taylors I.L. Rascal Owned by EDDIE TAYLOR Treeing Walker Female