About the ACH&BGA

In the mid 1940’s, a group of coon hunters formed an organization to give coon hunters and their hounds the opportunity to display their skills in a variety of events. They called themselves the American Coon Hunters Association (ACHA).

In 1985, every coon hunter in the country wanted to win the ACHA World Championship. 635 dogs were entered in the contest in DuQuion, Illinois!

In 1988, ACHA and AKC (the American Kennel Club) merged to form ACHA/AKC. The merger was a disappointment to both parties and didn’t last very long. Since that time ACHA and AKC have remained completely separate and independent registries.

In 2020, the ACHA merged with the BGA (Big Game Association) to add exciting new events and competitions to benefit all members of the new organization.

The Directors of the American Coon Hunters & Big Game Association (ACH&BGA) pledge to do everything we can to maintain and pass on the traditions and history of our past, while working to improve and add dimension to our future. 

2021 will be ACH&BGA’s 74th consecutive World Hunt, the longest running “World Hunt” in the sport of coon hunting. Hope to see you there!

Current ACH&BGA Officers and Board Members
  • Robert Grissom, President (email)
  • Patrick Moore, Secretary and Treasurer (email)
  • Kenneth Godfrey (email)
  • Robert Grissom (email)
  • John Monroe (no email)
  • Steve Reeves (email)