2021 World Hunt Image Gallery

A Google Image gallery of some of the photos from the World Hunt is linked and can be viewed by clicking here. All images should be downloadable at full resolution.If anyone wants to see the collage (and maybe print it) in high resolution, they can click on the image below.

2021 ACH&BGA World Hunt photo collage-Low Resolution

2021 World Hunt results

Congratulation to all those who placed and thanks to the many participants of the 2021 World Hunt, which took place from October 6th-9th, 2021 in New Paris, Ohio. Thanks to the Western Ohio Coon Hunters Club for hosting!

Field Trial
Wyatt Zbojniewicz JA & Sons Smokin’ Blue Drip2021 World Field Trial Champion
JJ ZbojniewiczJA & Son's Smokin' Hot Kaylee2nd Place
Felicia BaileyJukebox Jammer Bailey3rd Place
Holly HaasBasin Creek Joker 4th Place
Water Race
Clayton StanleyNew Sheriff In Town2021 World Water Race Champion
Angela CableCarter2nd Place
Wyatt Zbojniewicz JA & Sons Smokin’ Blue Drip3rd Place
Wyatt Zbojniewicz JA & Sons Smokin’ Blue Flint4th Place
Treeing Contest
JJ Zbojniewicz JA & Son's Smokin’ Hot Kaylee2021 World Treeing Contest Champion
Wyatt Zbojniewicz JA & Son's Smokin’ Blue Drip2nd Place
Mel SiefkeMontana's Finley River Waylon3rd Place
Holly HaasBasin Creek Joker4th Place
Drag Race
Wyatt Zbojniewicz JA & Sons Smokin’ Blue Flint2021 World Drag Race Champion
Wyatt ZbojniewiczJA & Son's Smokin' Blue Drip2nd Place
Holly HaasBasin Creek Joker3rd Place
JJ ZbojniewiczJA & Son's Smokin' Hot Kaylee4th Place
Bench Show
Angela CableRockin W's Cover Girl2021 World Bench Show Champion
Ava NewcomWabash River Magic Mike2021 Reserve Bench Show Champion
Gena GarnerSouthern Soggy Bottom Cane2021 World Hunting Dog Show Champion
Ben BanksHoney Creek Rowdy Junior2021 Reserve World Hunting Dog Show Champion
Women's Final 4 - Nite Hunt
Bobby LivingstonBlack River Tex2021 Ladies World Nite Hunt Champion
Bethney FosterAirplane's N. Blue Hanna 2021 Reserve Ladies Nite Hunt Champion
Sarah FrechHannah Creek Black Jack3rd Place
Beth ConwayRip It4th Place
Men's Final 3 - Nite Hunt
TJ ArcaroDeep Woods Lumis Little Lucy2021 World Nite Hunt Champion
Dakota ScottStylish BrutusReserve World Nite Hunt Champion
Larry PolstonWillow3rd Place
The rest of the Men's Top 10
Kevin ConwayCousin Doogie
Mel SiefkeMontana's Finley River Waylon
Ronnie Bane & John MonroeBackwoods B&N Molly
Trent LivingstonRiverside Taz
Dan MuellerBo Diddly
Douglas KeatonBig Mack
Wade MortonLittle Bit Extra
Jesse and Wyatt Zbojniewicz - World Champions of Big Game 2021

October 6th - 9th - ONLY DAYS AWAY!!


May 22, 2021

Youth World Championship Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Youth Worlds !!
World Champion Best of Show
Skyline Mtn Moose, owned and handled by Kaydence Butcher.
2021 ACH&BGA Youth World Hunt results, Junior Division

First Place: Coonvalley Blue Boy

Handler : Lane Faulkner

Owner : Robert Grissom

Second Place: Hicks Southern Creek Choco

Handler : Braylin Wester

Owner : Scott Hicks

Thank you to the sponsors of the event, who helped to underwrite trophy and prize expenses.Sponsors (links in bold)

Showtime Premium dog food.
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Attorney Eric Hunt  of Hunt Law Firm, who has offices in Macon, Savannah, Albany and Atlanta, Georgia.
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