The 2023 Little World Hunt was a Success

The 2023 ACH&BGA Little World Events are in the books.
We would like to thank everyone who attended & participated this year. We had a good three days with not many issues at all.
Many thanks to the staff at the South Creek Recreational Park in Milledgeville for hosting the event & especially to Tony Burgamy and his crew for the hard work before & during the event.
We would like to thank all of our member Clubs for their support and for scheduling the qualifying events.
All of the field events on Saturday were held on the venue property which made it most convenient.
We had participants from several States and we thank you all !
Much appreciation to all of the vendors and to Bruce & Cindy Dotson Simons of Simon’s Hound & Hunting supply for always supporting us.
7 casts went to the woods early on Thursday night with 2 more casts hunting late.
3 casts (9 semifinalists) hunted Friday night to get down to our final 3 on Saturday.
The final 3 split the purse but hunted for placement.
Congratulations to all of the Hounds, Owners, & Handlers that won or placed in a event.
We hope everyone will continue to support ACH&BGA in the future and look forward to seeing everyone again.
Remember, our Annual Youth World Events will be April 8th at the same venue. Look for the ad in the March issue of the American Cooner magazine.
Photos from all events are posted on a Facebook post linked here
Many thanks to Katelyn Jennings for being our event photographer – you do great work.