2023-2024 State Race Standings

As announced last April, we brought back the State Races for Hounds that members had enjoyed in the past.

The owner of the dog of each State Winner will receive a certificate, a FREE ENTRY to the 2024 World Hunt and a jacket.

The current competition period has been running since June 1st of last year and concludes this May 31st.
So far, Lovins Lucky of West Virginia and Yadkin River Abby of Georgia are the only dogs with the required five wins. Bad Habit Max (Georgia) and Trader’s Crook (Iowa) have four wins. Following those four dogs, the next closest dogs in every state have only two wins each.

State Race hunt rules are:

  • Hounds must have at least five plus point cast wins between 6/1/23 and 5/31/24.
  • Only plus point cast wins count.

2024 Youth World Championships

April 6th is the big date for the Youth World events!

Twin Oaks Coon Hunting Club in Patrick, South Carolina is hosting this year’s slate of events in what promises to be a very well attended, quite competitive group of young people.

No Entry Fees. This free event exists to support our Youth in this sport!
There are two age groups in the competitions… ages 7-11 and ages 12-17.

All participants must be under the age of 18 and registered with the ACH&BGA (registration is free). Youths are also allowed to have one hound registered for free in their name. All hounds in the event must be registered with the ACH&BGA.

Nice prizes will be provided for both age groups (ages 6-11 and ages 12-17) in each event.

Check our calendar for contact info phone numbers and updates on lodging ideas.

Entry deadlines are as follows:
    Youth Bench Show: 12 Noon 
                    (Cleo Bowers will be Bench Show Judge)
    Field Trial: 1:00pm
    Water Race: 2:00pm
    Drag Race: 3:00pm
    Treeing Contest: 4:00pm
    Youth Nite Hunt : 7:00pm (60 minute hunt duration)