Disciplinary Policy

The Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) of the ACH&BGA (American Coonhunters Association & Big Game Association, Inc) is the judicial body whose purpose is to properly handle violations of ACH&BGA rules, policies, and procedures. The DAC is in place to ensure that ACH&BGA policies are followed, protect the standards and philosophy of ACH&BGA and assist ACH&BGA in standing behind the pedigrees that ACH&BGA is in control of. The DAC shall review all Hearing Committee findings and results (Category 1 and 3 Misconduct) and make decisions for staff investigation findings and reports for Category 2 Misconduct. DAC shall decide if one of the following actions shall be taken:

  1. Written Warning. Some situations may not be serious enough to necessitate a hearing or warrant discipline. In those cases, the DAC may issue a written warning to the accused to put the member on notice that his or her actions were unacceptable, and to serve as a reminder of the rules. A file for that individual will be created, referenced, and taken into consideration should any future issues arise.
  2. Probation. Probation shall serve as a reprimand or serious warning. During the period of probation, the individual shall be closely monitored by ACH&BGA. Any other instance of misconduct may result an immediate suspension of barring at the discretion of the ACH&BGA Board of Directors and may not require further DAC participation.
  3. Duration. Violations committed that are serious enough to deem immediate barring for a period of time, can range from 30 days to Life. This will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Activities that someone could be barred from:

  • Barred from entering or participating in any ACH&BGA licensed event.
  • Barred from transferring or registering any pups or dogs in that person‘s name (joint or full registration) or to any member of that person‘s family.
  • Barred from receiving championship points for any dog registered in that person’s name (joint or full registration).

By way of illustration, the following constitute SOME, but NOT ALL, of the situations calling for the above sanctions:

  • Falsification or alteration of a ACH&BGA registration certificate, Pedigree, ACH&BGA Express Entry card or any other ACH&BGA document.
  • Falsification or alteration of any reports of wins issued to ACH&BGA.
  • Falsification or alteration of receipts issued by ACH&BGA Judges.
  • Switching, wrongfully using or attempting to use a ACH&BGA registration certificate, pedigree, ACH&BGA Express Entry card or any other document.
  • Selling or attempting to sell a dog with false or incorrect ACH&BGA registration certificate or Pedigree.
  • Intimidating, threatening, or ensuring a charge, club/association member or official, event participant or spectator, or ACH&BGA representative.

The six illustrations given above are only an example and ACH&BGA reserves the right to impose such sanctions in any other circumstances deemed appropriate by ACH&BGA.

If an individual is in question, customers should check with ACH&BGA to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding that individual’s disciplinary status.

An individual who is barred may be prohibited from, but not limited to, one or more of the following:


  1. They are barred from registering any dogs in their names (joint or individual ownership). They may, however, transfer any dogs currently registered in their names (joint or individual ownership) to another individual(s), except they may not transfer dogs to any member of their families, spouses, or companions. Companion is defined as anyone who resides at the same address as the suspended individual.
  2. They are barred from registering any dogs and their names (joint or individual ownership) and they may not transfer any dogs currently registered in their names (joint or individual ownership).
  3. They are barred from enrolling any litters in from signing any litter enrollments in any capacity. No offspring of a dog registered in their names (joint or individual ownership) is eligible for registration with ACH&BGA.
  4. They are barred from entering or participating in any way in any ACH&BGA licensed event, including, but not limited to, co-owner, handler, backup handler, judge, guard, spectator, or ACH&BGA licensed official.
  5. They are barred from holding office in any ACH&BGA approved club or association
  6. No dog registered in their names (joint or individual ownership) May be entered or participate in any way in any ACH&BGA licensed event.
  7. No Championship, wins toward a title, or monetary payouts from ACH&BGA specialty event will be awarded for any dog registered in their names (joint or individual ownership)
  8. They are barred from advertising in any ACH&BGA printed or online publication.

Any violation of these ACH&BGA rules or policy during the time period in which the individual is barred or suspended may result in them being suspended indefinitely.

Examples of misconduct for barring or suspension purposes:


  • “Misconduct” includes something seen as unacceptable as well as criminal offenses. g. deceptive manipulation.
  • “Gross misconduct” can lead to immediate dismissal because it is serious enough and possibly criminal, g. stealing or sexual harassment.

Misconduct refers to an action, rather than neglecting to take action, or inaction which can be referred to as poor performance.

Misconduct can be considered an unacceptable & improper behavior, especially for professional person. Two categories of misconduct are sexual misconduct and official misconduct. In connection with school discipline, “misconduct” is generally understood to be student behavior that is unacceptable to school offices but does not violate criminal statutes, including absenteeism, tardiness, bullying, and inappropriate language. (Special education dictionary, 2003, LRP publications) Misconduct in the workplace generally falls under two categories. Minor misconduct is seen as unacceptable but is not a criminal offense.

ACH&BGA will notify any persons barred by Certified Letter. The Letter must be either:

  • Served personally
  • Posted to the persons last known address, fax or email address.

ACH&BGA will maintain a copy of the Letter/ Forms in the files of the Secretary.